6-9 April 2021
Webinar Series

Conference Agenda

The agenda topics and discussions are listed below. Each session will have an exclusive roundtable discussion for attendees to join to continue the conversation, ask speakers their questions directly and meet the other attendees.

If you are interested in contributing to the program, please contact Hannah Bonnett or click here to apply for a speaker slot.

6 April 2021: 45-minute Regional Forecast Presentation

Latest COVID-related traffic forecast for the region and associated MRO demand. What trends can we see in Southeast Asia? What are the implications of reduced orders for the number of aircraft operating in the region for years to come, and for the resulting demand for support services? With many airlines burning off their greentime engines, will we see a wave of shop visits when this comes to an end? At what rate do we expect the SEA region return to rapid growth and what are the expectations for maintenance and re-activation or part-out of parked fleets? How do we plan for the regional fleets to grow and age into a more maintenance-intensive phase?

Exclusive Networking: 30 minute follow up roundtable discussion for attendees

7 April 2021: 60-minute Leader’s Panel Discussion

A number of mergers and acquisitions planned for 2020 have not gone ahead, what is the future landscape for this region? What trends are we seeing in terms of collaboration and how are operators working with lessors in this challenging marketplace? What are the lessons learned from COVID-19 and workforce segregation: How did MROs adapt and change their strategies to manage the crisis and how will they be different in the future? How have recent events changed MRO spending by regions/fleets and what effect will this pandemic have on MRO supply chain?

Exclusive Networking: 30 minute follow up roundtable discussion for attendees

8 April 2021: 45-minute Digitalization and Flexibility

A faint silver lining in this turbulent period has been a renewed focus on digitalization and data analytics and improved efficiencies in engine shops and supply chain requirements. Avoiding unscheduled maintenance events, which are disruptive and generate unplanned costs, are especially not welcome in today’s cost-conscious environment and there are significant savings and efficiencies to be gained from these initiatives, join our panel for more insights for your business in the future and to understand the emerging technologies and innovations driven by COVID-19 pandemic.

Exclusive Networking: 30 minute follow up roundtable discussion for attendees

9 April 2021: 60-minute Passenger Confidence Panel Discussion

It has become increasingly clear that the implementation of tangible and visible measures is key to building passenger confidence and innovation to make travel safer has accelerated with new products, modifications and solutions for the future. How can maintenance and modifications help to restore passenger confidence and how should regional players work together and with the Government to expedite this progress? Exploring how to prepare and support the market for a post-pandemic rebound.

Exclusive Networking: 30 minute follow up roundtable discussion for attendees